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Arnovitz: Blazers GM Neil Olshey Says 2014 Could Mark "Fork In The Road"

Portland Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey looks ahead to the 2014 offseason.


Kevin Arnovitz of looks at the future of the Portland Trail Blazers, which includes a few new thoughts from GM Neil Olshey. Olshey expands on his framing outlook from Media Day, hinting at what might come if things don't unfold as planned/hoped.

"Upon conclusion of the 2014 season, we will know whether or not we have reached the fork in the road," Olshey says. "Either we are on the right course with our current roster by having drafted well, signed good contracts, acquired Bird [rights] players, and this group will stay together and we'll make a strong move forward. Or we're going to aggressively look to aggregate some of our assets to consolidate them into one player to join those players we believe represent the core of the franchise."


"All of our offseason moves were made with the intention of competing immediately while not jeopardizing our long-term flexibility," Olshey says. "We are still focused and committed to developing our young talent, but it will not be at the expense of winning."

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter