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Foster: 2013-14 Blazers Will Reach .500, Miss Playoffs

One national writer previews the 2013-14 Portland Trail Blazers.

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D.J. Foster of Pro Basketball Talk previews the 2013-14 Portland Trail Blazers.

Why You Should Watch: Damian Lillard is the definition of smooth. Robin Lopez's hair is the best in the business. LaMarcus Aldridge has three moves he just pairs over and over again, and no one can stop it. Nic Batum in transition is an adventure. J.J. Hickson and his defense won't make your eyes bleed anymore.

Prediction: 41-41 and the 9th seed. The Blazers should be able to beat out the other hapless defensive teams vying for the final playoff spot (Mavericks, Lakers), and the talent meshes better in Portland than it likely will in New Orleans. A healthy Minnesota team (oxy-moron?) is my choice for the 8th spot however, as they were much better defensively last year despite massive injuries. I need to see Portland's defense improve drastically before I can fully believe they are a playoff team.

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