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Blazer's Edge Traffic Report and Blazer's Edge Night Announced!

A huge thank you to readers and a rallying call for Blazer's Edge Night 2013!

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We have two pieces of exciting news to share with you today!

Thank You Blazer's Edge Readers!

The 2012 traffic numbers are in and we're happy to announce that we've set a new record for site readership. Technically we've grown pretty much every year of our existence but we don't make a huge deal about it, except this time we crossed a nice milestone so we thought we'd share. The final tally for 2012 came in at just over 20 million page views. That's over a 45% increase from 2011 (lockout partially responsible) and a 35% increase over our previous record, set in 2010.

Ben, Timmay, and I would not be doing what we're doing without each and every one of you. Thank you to everyone who reads, comments, critiques, and adds a voice to this community. We appreciate all of you.

Blazer's Edge Night Announced!

We're also proud to announce that this year's Blazer's Edge Night will be Wednesday, April 17th vs. the Golden State Warriors. It's the final game of the season against one of the league's hottest and most exciting teams. Wouldn't it be fantastic if that game had playoff implications? It could happen.

For those who don't know, Blazer's Edge Night started as a community get-together but quickly morphed into an evening where we all get tickets for kids from the Portland area who otherwise would never get to see a game. Every year we hear from teachers, principals, counselors, community youth service organizers, churches...all kinds of folks who work with kids who worship the Blazers but can't afford to see a game in person. They all ask whether we might have a ticket for their kids. We always tell them, "Yes!" Over the years we have sent hundreds and hundreds of kids to the Rose Garden and it's a blast every year. You have not lived until you've seen somebody at their first-ever Blazers game! It means so much not only to these kids but to their teachers, chaperones, parents...everyone involved.

We'll tell more personal stories about past Blazer's Edge Nights as time goes on. Here's what you need to know for now:

  • We have 700 tickets reserved. That's right...700 kids and their chaperones. We're making a big impact.
  • Tickets are $13 each. Almost anybody from high school and college students to business executives should be able to afford that.
  • If you want to buy tickets directly, contact Lisa Swan at the Trail Blazers office: 503-963-3966. Tell her they're to be donated for the Blazer's Edge kids. She'll know what you're talking about. (If you don't tell her that, though, she'll think you're buying them for yourself and ask how to mail them to you. Again...for the kids is the key phrase.)
  • If you don't want to buy a set number of tickets and/or you want to skip whatever convenience fee the Blazers tack on to a purchase, you are welcome to donate to the cause through PayPal. The address is We'll take any amount. All funds go into a dedicated, non-profit bank account and will be used in a lump sum to buy tickets.
  • We need to have these tickets accounted for by mid-March, so don't wait.
  • If you work with underprivileged kids and are interested in taking them to this game, e-mail me and I'll get you in touch with our coordinator.

As anybody who has donated before (let alone those lucky enough to be in the building when 700 screaming kids fill the upper bowl) can tell you, this is a good thing to do. No matter who you are, save your nickels and dimes if you can and try to donate a ticket or two!

Thanks again for all your support of the site, its community, and this special project.

--Dave (