SBN Changes are Here! What do you think?

As I'm sure everyone has noticed by now, Blazer's Edge looks different tonight. SBN has officially upgraded to version 1.1.1 of Blazer's Edge, and a few changes have likely stuck out:

- Links are no longer just bold, they're now red and easily visible. (woo hoo!)
- Other accents have been made red as well.
- The Fanposts and Fanshots are now black-on-gray (instead of white-on black).

There are actually other changes under the hood too. SBN explains the sidebar changes here, and they explain the rest of the changes here. As you can tell, they've been keeping busy.

So.... what do you think?

-- Tim

PS: If you're having technical issues, they probably won't see it in the comments, so give them a mail at

PPS: Here's a dog with a stick, just because.

Dumb as STICK (via Mikkii D)