ESPN asks Who's better: Lillard or Irving?

Over at the four letter- Chris Palmer asks the question: Lillard v Irving?

The fact that this question is even being broached says more about the way Lillard is viewed nationally than it does about Irving. Kyrie has been all but given the title of the next superstar to supplant Wade, Kobe, CP3, etc., and it's refreshing to see a Portland player get this kind of pub. While my love for Lillard's game should be well documented by now- he's not on Kyrie's level yet- but here's hoping.

The analysis takes a look into 5 different categories: Ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, and athleticism.

The final word here:


Perhaps there's little surprise in the outcome, but the fact that an outstanding point guard such as Lillard could be so outmatched by Irving might say more about the depth of the NBA's point guard position more than anything.

Sooner rather than later Irving will assume the mantle of the NBA's best point guard. That could likely happen 18 months from now. Irving appears to be getting better by the week and is fast understanding the steps needed to correct his deficiencies. And he's a workhorse with a higher usage rate than both LeBron James and Kevin Durant. As the Cavaliers add talent and improve Irving will get more recognition as one of the game's elite.

Meanwhile Lillard, while not quite matching up to Irving, has been a pleasant surprise and could likely be a perennial All-Star in his own right. With Nash and Tony Parker in their twilight years, Lillard could join Stephen Curry as the preeminent point guards in the Western Conference.

Irving, though, drips with the kind of intangibles that suggest he could be one of the NBA's greats. Despite durability issues, he exudes undeniable swagger with a certain charm that draws your eye on the court and shows it's as fun being as good as he is for him as it is for us to watch. His body language is that of a leader and fit for a franchise star and his natural leadership skills resonate well with his teammates. Indeed, he could one day be the league's best."