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Final: Raptors Roast the Blazers, 102-79

Short version: This game stunk out loud. It was a waste of 2.5 hours to watch. The Blazers somehow made Ed Davis and Terrence Ross look like All-Stars.


The Blazers weren't led by anyone tonight. Nobody showed up for this game, as it was the worst big-win hangover as seen in years. Damian Lillard scored 18 points, the highest total for Portland.

First Quarter: Before you could get a drink, the lethargic Blazers were behind 10-0. Meanwhile, the Blazers continued to show they can't make a three-pointer against Toronto. The Raptors looked fresh, while the Blazers looked generally slow. This is one of those ugly first quarters you're happy you missed. The Blazers closed within 7 at the horn.

Second Quarter: The Blazers missed yet another three-pointer (0-7 at this point). Finally, Luke Babbitt broke the streak, cutting the deficit to 4. However, more sloppy play (including an ugly 5-point turnaround) led to 6 quick Raptor points and a double-digit lead again. The Blazers thought it appropriate to leave rookie Terrence Ross wide open for three straight three pointers. Swish, swish, swish. Combined with more Vlazer turnovers, and the 4 point deficit was now 15, and Blazers coach Terry Stotts called a timeout. It didn't help. Yet another three-point play pushed the lead to 18, as the Toronto players started celebrating. The Blazers kept trying to creep back in, but Toronto simply hit everything they threw at the rim. When they missed, they got free throws. The Blazers cut it to 13, but for the second straight night, a desperation three went in at the buzzer, and the Raptors left the court with a 16 point lead.

Third Quarter: The Blazers cut the lead to 12, but again, Toronto simply wouldn't miss, which really hurt any comeback attempt. Jose Calderon sliced and diced Portland all over the court. The Raptors looked like a team headed to the Finals and easily held the Blazers at bay repeatedly. The stifling (?!) Toronto defense left the Blazers with tough shots and poor turnovers. Soon the lead was 19, and Portland called timeout again. Still no help. The Raptors led by 17 after three.

Fourth Quarter: There's no point in recapping it. The Blazers never bothered to show up for this game. At one point, Toronto was flailing on defense, and the Blazers ran toward the flailing. The Blazers starters quietly submitted, and the bench finished it up this stinker.

Box score | Portland Trail Blazers tickets via TiqIQ

Stay tuned for Dave's analysis if you dare. The next game is Friday night, in Memphis. -- Tim