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The Beginning of the Next Evolution of Blazersedge

This morning SBN announces the next new wave in its evolution: SB Nation United. The network sites, including this one, will be undergoing a face- and functionality-lift over the next few months. You're not going to lose one iota of coverage, analysis, or the ability to share comments and thoughts in the most accessible format on all the internet. Everything you love about Blazersedge will still be here. The package will be a little prettier and more streamlined, organization will be more friendly, and you're going to see more connection between sites covering similar stories.

As a teaser, SB Nation is pleased to share with you the new Blazersedge logo:


You can see even more logos, including those of the entire NBA corps, at this site:

We'll keep you updated as more features roll out. In the meantime, as always, enjoy the site and each other.

--Dave (