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Video & Transcript: Blazers G Will Barton Talks Draft, Memphis Hoops

Portland Trail Blazers rookie guard Will Barton talks about his time with the Memphis Tigers.

U. Of. Memphis

Portland Trail Blazers rookie guard Will Barton talked with the University of Memphis about his two seasons playing for the Tigers. The video interview was uploaded to YouTube by SIDMemphis. Scroll down for a transcript.

Draft process

Real excited, knowing that I was going to get picked. But at the same time a lot of suspense, not knowing where I was going to go. Just excited to see where I would get picked, what round, what pick, which city, which team. I was just very nervous and so much going through my head, so many thoughts, I just couldn't wait to get it over with.

Sophomore year

My last year, knowing I was going to the NBA, it was mixed emotions, man. I was real happy being able to accomplish my goals, knowing that I would get picked, realizing that my dream was going to be a reality pretty soon. At the same time I was a little sad. I came in with these guys, Joe [Jackson], my brother [Antonio Barton], Chris Crawford, Tarik Black. Not being able to play with them any more was kind of sad, because we weren't just teammates, we were kind of like brothers. We came in together, we all lived together, going to practice now, being on the road, it's kind of bittersweet. We did the best we could last year, we turned it up at the end, and we just came up short in the tournament.

Coming back to Memphis for workouts during the summer

Being back in Memphis is great. It's my second home. I really love it here. I had a great two years here, best time of my life. Getting to play with my brother, coming back to play pick-up with guys you've played with for two years, I missed those guys. Not just on the court but off. We always hung together, we bonded, them guys are funny, when we get together it's just like old times.

Memphis coach Josh Pastner

Coach P is terrific. He's not only a great coach, he's a great person. He's a life coahc in many ways. He's disciplined, he's hard on you, he's also the best. He's going to push you to be not only the best player you can be but also the best person you can be. If you want to get pushed, you want to get read to get to the NBA, if you want to prepare yourself for that life, Memphis is the right choice, coach P is the right coach.

Playing at Memphis in FedEx Forum

Greatest feeling in the world. I always told people I felt like a performer, a musician. Every time you step on that Forum court, that was my stage, in front of 18,000, they're rocking and screaming their hearts out. You have to give the people what they want, like a performer would. Every time I took the court I felt like I had to go out there and give my best and give my all because I felt like they deserved that. A lot of people say I play with emotion and passion, that's because the fans deserve that and they are the best in the world.

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Top Image via SIDMemphis On YouTube.