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ICON SERIES: Terry Porter

A discussion of Portland Trail Blazers franchise icon Terry Porter.

Welcome to Part 2 of the Blazers Icon series. If you missed the discussion of Scottie Pippen, it's right here.

Terry Porter may be the most revered point guard in Trail Blazers history. What was it about that man? His stats were good: 15 and 10 in '87-'88, 18 and 16 in '91-'92. He played on two Finals teams and the Western Conference Finals squad in between. He was a clutch shooter. But no single aspect of his game lends itself to the legendary status he has received from Blazers fans. The whole has ended up much greater than the sum of its parts.

So continue the discussion today. What about T.P. that rang everybody's bell to the point it continues ringing almost two decades after he launched his last shot as a Blazer? What stories of Terry Porter do you remember most and which of those make him a true icon?

--Dave (