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ICON SERIES: Scottie Pippen

Discuss Blazer Icons!

This is a new series of posts covering the greatest icons in Portland Trail Blazers history.

What makes an icon? Talent and impact lead the list, but plenty of talented players never reach iconic plateaus. Legendary status requires that barely-definable "something" which turns the extraordinary into the truly unforgettable. You can't bottle it. You can't teach it. It's not the same from one player to the next. It's a weird mix of ability, personality, environment, and opportunity seized.

Over the next couple weeks we're going to consider all the factors that lifted Portland's heroes to their lofty perches. We could go about this a couple ways. I could give my list for each player, but that would be academic. The real taste requires the kind of juice that only comes from collective consciousness. We need your stories and remembrances about these players plus the reasons you think they loom larger than life over the Blazers landscape.

Scottie Pippen's impact was brief, but memorable. He stands out as being one of the few "foreign" Blazer icons, not by birth but because he is far more associated with another team than he is as a Blazer. He didn't play his best basketball in Portland. He didn't lead his team to a title or even the Finals. He never averaged over 12.5 points per game for the Blazers and put up the lowest per-minute numbers of his career here. But every time we hold a conversation about Portland's small forwards people mention him among the greatest of all time. Why? What about Pippen created such a spark around these parts?

Share your thoughts, memories, and why Pippen meant something to you below.

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