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Weekend Discussion #2: Help Wanted With Team Nickname Slogans and Graphic Design

Don't miss our "What You Love About the Blazers" discussion below, but also consider a couple Help Wanted requests.

1. I'm looking for a couple people well-versed in graphics design to do very occasional background slides for the site. These wouldn't come from existing photos. We'd just give you a word and you'd put it on a slide with a simple design. This wouldn't happen often and it isn't a paying thing, more of an "occasionally helping out the community" thing. E-mail me if you think you could help.

2. For the rest of us who don't have design chops, I need your creative juices. I'm looking for various fun, witty things of the sort one would put on a poster at the Rose Garden. I need them to center around the nicknames of other teams. For instance if we were getting all D&D-geeky we might come up with "Dispel the Magic!" or we might reference hunting with "Skin the Bucks!" We wouldn't use the D&D one, though, because it's far too specific and insider-ish. We need things that are clean, witty, and that would be instantly understood by the general public. Put these in the comments below. My legal gurus are making me say that by submitting them, you agree to let me use them without compensating you...but it's not like you expect to be compensated for "Swat the Hornets" anyway, right? I know this is the most creative community in the universe. Here's your chance to show your stuff!

--Dave (