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The Fanpost Contest

ed. Bumping this so that everyone has a fair chance to see. We've gotten some submissions already. More are welcome. --Dave


I'm furiously working on other Blazers-related things today so I need your help with subject matter. This seems like a great time to announce the official 2012 Fanpost Contest!

For those new to the site, Fanposts are found in the right sidebar. Basically they're a chance for you to be the blogger without the pressure of having to come up with a new brilliant main page post every 24 hours for the whole rest of your life. When you have an idea, insight, analysis, or what have you, simply post a Fanpost! Everybody gets to read it, they can give it recs, they can comment underneath it.

From now until the end of September we'll be looking for fantastic Fanposts in the sidebar. We're going to leave the subject material wide open with the caveat that it has to be Trail Blazer related. To make things easier, though, we'll employ a few categories for judging:

  • Your own Blazer fan story
  • Favorite Blazer player (and why)
  • Significant events in Trail Blazer history (and why they're significant)
  • Team analysis
  • Plan for the Future
  • Other

Folks can comment under the Fanposts they like best, for whatever reason. We'll cull the best at the end of the month and let people take a final vote. The winner in each category will receive their very own newest edition t-shirt, as I am in possession of a box of them right now. That's six tees up for grabs, so have at it. And even if you don't write, make sure to read the entries and help us decide which should be finalists.

Please put Fanpost Contest in the subject line of your Fanpost to make them easy to find. Have fun!

--Dave (