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SBN-NBA Group Topic: Biggest Rivalry

Today was supposed to be "5 Legitimate Reasons for Blazers Hope" day once again, but darned if it isn't Wednesday. That means SBN's NBA sites are getting together to discuss a topic of interest to all. This week the subject is each franchise's biggest rivalry: division, conference, and overall.

I'm going to go ahead and presume that most people will say the Lakers are the biggest conference and overall rival. They're certainly the most despised. They've also booted the Blazers out of the playoffs a fair amount of times. Personally I miss the old "Pacific Division" days when Portland and L.A. battled directly. It made winning the division that much sweeter.

If you'd like to offer counter-examples, please feel free. Also feel free to rant about the Lakers and their evil ways if you wish!

Mostly I'd like to concentrate on the current divisional rivalry, though. We have four teams in the Northwest: OKC, Denver, Utah, and Minnesota. (None of whom are really, "Northwest", by the way. But that's another story.) With Minnesota making like pirates this off-season and raiding every Portland player they could find, past or present, there's finally grounds to hate them all. Among those four franchises, which is the biggest rival for you? Historical perspective is welcome, or you can just talk about today.

The poll is below. The comment section is open. Have at it.

--Dave (

P.S. 5 Legitimate Reasons for Blazers Hope comes tomorrow. Pinkie swear!