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2012 Summer Olympics Discussion (Thursday)

That's the Nic we're lookin' for!
That's the Nic we're lookin' for!

Dave talks Dream Team vs 2012 Team USA || Blazers down to 2 coaching candidates

UPDATES: Nicolas Batum had a huge day with 21 points (on 8-11 shooting), 6 rebounds, 3 blocks (including this one), and 2 steals, as France held off Lithuania, 82-74. France looked much better than they did against Team USA, as Tony Parker added 27 points, and Boris Diaw had 10 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds. Here's the box score.

Spain held off Great Britain in a thriller, 79-78. Joel Freeland went off, scoring 25 points (on 10-for-19 shooting) and grabbing 7 rebounds against the Gasol brothers. Victor Claver had 3 points (1-for-3 shooting) and 1 rebound in six minutes off the bench for Spain. Here's the box score.

Lastly, Team USA defeated Nigeria by a "you've got to be kidding me" 83 point margin, 156-73. Unsurprisingly, they broke a few Olympic records along the way, including single-game scoring.

Continuing the discussion of the 2012 Summer Olympics, feel free to discuss basketball, plus any other event you'd like. Grumbling about NBC's coverage is fair game too. As always, be warned that in the comments, there may be spoilers about tonight's NBC TV Coverage!

During Thursday evening's NBC Primetime coverage, they'll show highlights from Swimming, Gymnastics, Beach Volleyball and Rowing. Based on the spoilers, it will be an eventful evening. -- Tim