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Portland Trail Blazers Patriotism

Happy Fourth of July to all of our United States readers!

Since we Americans are on holiday today, some friendly discussion seems in order...a counterpart to all of this deadly serious free agent stuff.

In the U.S., Independence Day is a chance to show our patriotism. Flags, fireworks, food, fun...we celebrate the things that make our country great and rehearse the stories which unite us.

Sports franchises have their own form of patriotism. Every fan base is united by a series of stories and experiences which give rise to common, bonding belief. The question for the day: what stories and beliefs best define Trail Blazers patriotism? To what do you need to subscribe in order to be a "true" Trail Blazers fan?

I'll give you an example: Had Bill Walton not been injured in 1977-78 the Blazers WOULD have won a second title, if not more! Most Blazers fans believe that. (Many non-Blazers fans as well.) It's almost an article of faith. If you don't know the stories surrounding the championship team and don't believe that more titles were coming their way, many Blazers fans will find you unpatriotic.

This particular story happens to be true, or at least can be argued for with a straight face. It's up there with the Declaration of Independence in Trail Blazers lore. But other patriotic Blazers beliefs might be more analogous to George Washington chopping down the cherry tree...a familiar tale that might not stand up well in the light of truth. Those are fine to share too. Nobody said patriotism had to be rational or based only on fact!

Share your thoughts about the strongest ideals of Blazers patriotism below. "Trail Blazers fans hold these truths to be self-evident..."

Fill in the blank, and Happy Fourth, everyone!

--Dave (