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2012 Summer Olympics Discussion (Sunday)

UPDATE: Some Blazers news from the Olympics this morning. Team France was crushed by Team USA, 98-71. Nicolas Batum (7 points) wasn't particularly relevant. Team Spain defeated Team China, 97-81. Victor Claver only played two minutes after the result was no longer in doubt. Feel free to continue discussing the Olympics in this post.

Channels that are showing overall Olympic coverage: NBC, NBC Sports (formerly Versus), Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC, and there are two new networks, NBC Olympic Soccer and NBC Olympic Basketball, which have just been added to Comcast.

However, many events on NBC will be tape-delayed (again) on the West Coast. As such, the only way to see them live is through the official Olympic streaming site, which also requires a cable/dish subscription. This means some will be watching the event live, while others will be waiting to watch it later tonight. Just so there isn't any confusion:

Avoid at all costs if you want to enjoy unspoiled evening television!

Ok, that's out of the way. What's holding your attention so far? BTW, have they found a way to create street curling yet? -- Tim