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What's the Best Portland Trail Blazers Move in the Last 5 Years?

Here's the inevitable follow-up to yesterday's question about the worst Portland Trail Blazers move in the last 5 years, a 500-comment spirited romp through the missteps of the last half-decade.

Today we want to know what you think the BEST move has been during that same time period. For those who missed it, we are starting the clock after the Greg Oden draft, the clear turning point of this era. Anything after Draft Day 2007 is fair game. You can define "best" however you wish. You can consider trades, signings, draft picks, draft prospects passed over, off-court moves, organizational decisions, cap manipulation...pretty much anything you consider a legit decision point.

Weigh in below. And for those Friday gluttons, we'll have a special bonus question coming up at noon.

--Dave (