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What's the Worst Portland Trail Blazers Move in the Last 5 Years?

An interesting topic came up in yesterday's post, one I want to throw open to the court of public opinion. Somebody e-mailed me about this question too and I'm not quite sure I know how to answer.

The Blazers have made plenty of moves since 2007, some great and some less so. If you had to name just one, what would you say the worst move was in that time period?

Now before the chorus of "Picking Greg Oden over Kevin Durant" rises, note we are talking about decisions made AFTER the 2007 Draft. Anything after that Oden pick is fair game.

You can define "worst" however you wish. You can consider trades, signings, draft picks, draft prospects passed over, off-court moves, organizational decisions, cap manipulation...pretty much anything you consider a legit decision point. We do want to keep this grounded in reality, though, so let's ease up on those "should have traded Nicolas Batum for Chris Paul" comments. We don't actually know that could have happened so we don't know if that was an actual Trail Blazers decision. We want things we know for sure the Blazers did or failed to do.

Chime in below in the comment section. I'm curious to hear your responses.

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