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Best of Blazersedge: Week of July 21st

And now, another round of the semi-weekly Best of the Blazersedge community, who always keep us entertained.

- BlazerFanSince1970 had a busy week, first updating us on the Blazers salary cap status, then catching a subtle Mike Barrett comment that the Blazers will televise 5 of the 7 preseason games this Fall. I await Ben's reaction!

- Colbymac took some time to spell out the Princeton Offense and its role in the NBA. With the slew of fanposts this week, this one slipped through the cracks. No longer!

- Last week, Jason Hobbs came by to give an optimistic look at the Blazers draft. And wouldn't you know it? He did a decent job predicting their Summer League performances. Good work Jason.

- Speaking of Summer League, jbm1 was among many who immediately fell for Damian Lillard. The Blazers had better be getting those Lillard jerseys sewn together quickly.

- And speaking of jerseys, Wonderbolts informed us that the NBA thought it wise to add advertisements to jerseys. In return, FooFighting101 helped lead the debate for the most apt Blazers advertiser.

- It wouldn't be July without more tongue-in-cheek appreciation threads. This week: The ubiquitous cupcake, long-time Blazer Dan Gadzuric, open cap space, and of course, the inevitable appreciation thread appreciation thread.

- And now for some off-topic conversation. First, let's talk Portland breakfast. And for you newer folks, if you want to enjoy non-Blazer conversation, stop by the Junk Drawer and see what the guys are up to. Longtime Bedger amlmart1 is waxing poetic about the moon.

In the fanshots, Jerome Kersey and Bill Schonely taught us how to brushy, and I'd be remiss without noting Damian Lillard's incoming love of the 82nd Avenue WingStop. Original Hot wings with Ranch please.

Thanks to all for their contributions! -- Tim