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Transcript: Blazers F LaMarcus Aldridge Talks Health, Offseason In Las Vegas


Portland Trail Blazers All-Star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge briefly spoke to media members in Cox Pavilion following the Blazers' Las Vegas Summer League victory over the Denver Nuggets on Friday afternoon.

Here's a transcript of his comments.

Damian Lillard

He's good. Very talented player. Passes the ball well. He can really play... He makes good passes, makes good reads. He'll be good for us.

Meyers Leonard

He's good too. Big body, physical.

Offseason moves

Been good. I thought we got younger, we have guys that can play now. That's good for us.

Talked to Nicolas Batum?

We talked. I told him congrats and I'm glad you're on the team.

Health after hip surgery

I'm probably about 98 percent. I've been working out. I can run, I can jump, I can shoot. I have one more week and I can play 5-on-5. I feel great. I just feel better now.

When will you come to Portland

Maybe end of August. Get all the guys, come back early.

Disappointed wtih no Olympics?

It's tough but my health is important for us. I look forward to it next time.

Thoughts on rebuilding process?

I'm fine with it. I think as good as I am, we'll be that good. I need to be better on the court... If I continue to get better we'll be OK. Those guys are good.

OK with being patient?

Who says that we've got to wait? Damian is good, Meyers is good, I'm getting better, we have Nic, we have Wes. Anything is possible. OKC shows that.

Coaching search

I haven't even been watching it. It's going to be a lot of guys being interviewed, I'm not even watching it right now.

Endorsing Kaleb Canales?

Of course I am. Kaleb is a really good coach, he's very smart, he's good with Xs and Os.

Have you talked with Neil Olshey yet?

Of course, I've met him up in Portland.

Missing out on Roy HIbbert

I was disappointed. I definitely felt like he would put us over that hump, being next level, having him. Signing him, that's big time. I got his number, talked to him on the phone, we texted, everything, it didn't work out though.


I've been in Dallas the whole time.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter