Thorpe: Blazers G Damian Lillard Has "Perfect Body" For NBA PG

David Thorpe of writes that Portland Trail Blazers rookie point guard Damian Lillard is looking good through two games of Las Vegas Summer League action. ---------------------------------- One glance at Lillard tells us he has the perfect body and build to play point guard in the NBA. One long look at his game tells the rest of the story, and it's one that should get Blazers fans excited. Physically, he bears a strong resemblance to Derrick Rose -- slightly less powerful but still strong and long. And like Rose, he reminds me of a tailback in football when he has the ball, darting through traffic while lowering his hips to help absorb contact without breaking stride. This also enables him to change directions quickly, which is why he has no trouble getting by most of his defenders. ... He may not ever be Rose as a pure scorer, but he has better vision and instiincts as a passer. With the right work ethic and coach, he's fully capable of being an upper-echelon NBA point guard, and possibly an All-Star. ---------------------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page