Raymond Felton's Cupcake - Appreciation Thread

It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to one of our favorite Blazers of the 2011 / 2012 NBA season: Raymond Felton's Cupcake.

Despite such a short tenure as a Blazer, the Cupcake became an instant fan favorite. One of the more photogenic members of the team in recent memory, it sometimes felt as though it was hard to open up a Blazers sports blog without seeing that Cupcake; and it never failed to put a smile on fan's faces.

Over the last five years, other cupcakes have come and gone. The most noteworthy were probably those of the Jumbotron-birthday-announcements variety--particularly, that of Rudy Fernandez. However, none of those cupcakes managed to capture the hearts and minds of Blazers fans in the way that Raymond Felton's Cupcake did.

So, Raymond Felton's Cupcake, we bid you a fond adieu. We wish the best for you in your new home in Raymond's belly in NYC, but you will never look the same in blue and orange frosting as you did in that creamy, delicious black and red. We will miss your light, fluffy texture and your subtle, devious, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Farewell! (Click through to relive the memories with a "tribute in photos" to Raymond Felton's Cupcake.)


Cupcake2_cropped_medium Cupcake3_cropped_medium

Sometimes Raymond Felton's Cupcake made Raymond happy:


Sometimes even Raymond Felton's Cupcake couldn't lighten Raymond's mood:


But perhaps our all-time favorite memory of Raymond Felton's Cupcake: