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Summer League Open Thread: Hornets vs. Blazers

UPDATE: The Blazers received the signed offer sheet for SF Nicolas Batum on Sunday. They have three days to decide whether to match. Sign and trade options are no longer available. As a courtesy, if you'd like to discuss the Batum offer, please comment in the linked story instead of this post. That way we can enjoy tonight's game in peace. :)

Summer League is here! It's our first look at new Blazers Damian Lillard, Meyers Leonard, and Will Barton. Let's watch our young players take on another teams' young players, and then extrapolate the next 15 years of their career based on the result. It doesn't get any better than that! In previous years, our Summer League Gameday Threads get surprisingly busy, so enjoy the festivities. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:30pm, but the previous game is running late, so settle in.

The Oregonian's Jason Quick reports that tonight's starting lineup with be Damian Lillard, Nolan Smith, Wesley Matthews, Luke Babbit and Meyers Leonard.

TV: NBA TV (National) | Comcast Sportsnet (Portland) | NBA Summer League Broadband (Online-only, $4.99 for a Summer League pass. It's listing as $9.99, but some users report it will actually show $4.99 at checkout. Your mileage may vary.)

NOTE: Long-time Bedger torsoheap confirmed that blackout rules are in effect on the East Coast. So Comcast Sportsnet is the only guaranteed option for viewing tonight. It's possible the NBA streaming will work, but I'm not sure, so pay at your own risk.

The usual Gameday Thread rules (No pictures, swearing, or discussion of circumventing league broadcasting rules) apply here too.

Have fun! -- Tim