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Batum Offer Sheet Anticipation Discussion Thread (Sunday)

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Which of these two jerseys will Nicolas Batum be wearing next season?
Which of these two jerseys will Nicolas Batum be wearing next season?

First, let's get to Saturday's news:

Portland Trail Blazers, New York Knicks reportedly agree to trade: Raymond Felton, Kurt Thomas for Jared Jeffries, Dan Gadzuric, a 2016 second-round pick and two (still unknown) European players. Full details here.

Also on Saturday: the Blazers officially signed Will Barton.

Ok, on Sunday, the Minnesota Timberwolves are expected to submit their signed offer sheet for Nicolas Batum. If this happens, and the Blazers receive it, they are officially on the clock for three days. The sign and trade options are over, and they can only match the offer, or let Nic go. However, until the Blazers receive it, they can negotiate with the Wolves (despite apparent bad blood) and try to work out a deal. Don't be too surprised if trade rumors appear today.

So hang out here and enjoy the anticipation, and if any news breaks, expect us to post it shortly. And don't forget, tonight at 7:30 is the first game of Summer League, the New Orleans Hornets vs the Portland Trail Blazers. It's on NBA TV nationally, and Comcast Sportsnet in Portland (Sorry, I have no idea how blackout zones will work). You'd better believe we'll have a Gameday Thread. -- Tim