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Nicolas Batum Discussion (Friday)

Today has been quiet so far. Here's a recap of the yesterday's events:

Update 8pm: Dwight Jaynes from CSNNW reports that Batum has signed the offer sheet, and it's being held by the Timberwolves. He also notes that the Wolves have added a 15% trade kicker, and are now offering a player "not previously part of the talks". Jerry Zgoda from the Star Tribune reports that Batum's contract includes bonuses for All-Star appearances.

The Big Story: Nicolas Batum and the Minnesota Timberwolves reportedly agreed to a 4 year, $46.5 million offer sheet. But there was one hitch: By the end of business day in Portland Thursday, Blazers general manager Neil Olshey said the team had not yet received a signed offer sheet. Zgoda and fellow Wolves writer Ray Richardson report that talks are done for the night. The Wolves reportedly amnestied Darko Milicic, later confirmed by the team, but have not made any other roster moves. Ben asks your opinion of the Wolves' offer in today's poll.

Jerry Sloan pulls out of the Blazers coaching search after an interview.

Greg Oden is looking to return to the NBA this season.

Chris Kaman was being pursued by the Blazers, but chose the Mavericks.

In (likely) non-Blazers news, Luis Scola, Brendan Haywood, and Elton Brand were all amnestied. Blake Griffin injured his knee in Team USA practice. And Dwight Howard is still cranky, while Houston makes room to pursue him.

Dave's morning take on the previous day's events.

We'll have updates if there is any news this evening. In the meantime, since we have passed 2,000 comments about Batum today, feel free to use this thread to continue the conversation anew. -- Tim