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2012 NBA Free Agency Open Thread

UPDATE (7/11): Joel Freeland has reportedly agreed to a 3 year, $9 million contract to join the Portland Trail Blazers. We'll have more information soon. Thanks to ehmiliano who got there first in the fanshots.

UPDATE (7/11): Marc Stein reports on Twitter that Brooklyn is concerned the Blazers will make an offer for Brook Lopez.

[Please post news in this thread instead of the fanshots/fanposts]

The NBA is now officially open for business. Hang out here, discuss breaking news, and watch for any morsel of Blazer information. Here is the latest from the NBA:

- Brook Lopez is negotiating a max extension with the Brooklyn Nets.
- The Clippers' Blake Griffin signs a 5 year, $95 million extension, with a player opt-out after season 4.
- Stein: Former Blazer point guard Jerryd Bayless is signing with the Memphis Grizzlies.
- Tomasson: Rashard Lewis has agreed to join the Miami Heat for the Veteran's Minimum.
- JR Smith is re-signing with the Knicks for 2 years, $2.8 million.
- Former Philadelphia 76er Lou Williams is joining the Hawks.

We'll have updates for Blazers news shortly. -- Tim