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I could use a breather tonight. Since there's no hot breaking news and the issue of Kaleb Canales' coaching fitness can probably wait until tomorrow, I'm going to issue an invitation I have neglected for far too long. The main page posts are only the tip of the iceberg at Blazersedge. We have tons of quality reader-generated content in Fanposts, Fanshots, and comment sections. Why not take a minute to peruse some and join in a conversation or two? Here are some of my favorites currently up.

First, a shameless plug for the VideoCast. We've got a couple nice conversations going there, true, but my main motivation is the 12-18 hours I spend on these every week. It's a major new initiative at SBNation and we're proud to be a part of it, carrying one of the torches for the company. But dang, it's a lot of work! That said, we've gotten better and better as we've learned the medium and these VideoCasts are starting to be fun to produce. If you haven't watched one, take a shot now!

Other interesting posts:

Anyway, click around a little and reward people who put in hard work posting content. You never know what kind of brilliance (or...errrr...whatever else) you might find!

--Dave (