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Best of Blazersedge: June 30th

Earlier this month, Dave took everyone on a tour of the site, giving a chance to see all the Blazersedge community offers. Everyday, we have some absolutely fantastic write-ups in our fanshots and fanposts, deserving of highlighting. So on a semi-weekly basis, that's exactly what we're going to do. I'm sure I've missed some good posts; don't take it personal if you missed the list.


-- BlazerFanSince1970 had a busy week, keeping the Blazers' salary cap status up-to-date, and correctly predicting JJ Hickson's lack of a Qualifying Offer.

-- KVin2 put together an in-depth view of the Blazers' future, based on their handling of the draft.

-- T Darkstar tried to convince everyone that New Orleans might not match a big offer for Eric Gordon.

-- On a quiet week, I kept busy by arguing over a prospective Blazer Big Three and how to grade the Blazers' draft night.

-- On the lighter side, longtime "Bald Geezer" jorga reminded us that the best way to predict a prospect's future is to consult the anagrams, while jksnake99 and SEAheartPDX demanded us to appreciate Jamal Crawford and Tyshawn Taylor's contributions to the Blazers.

FANSHOTS (Other than those promoted to the front page!)

-- TyboOSU showed us why the Blazers are so excited about Lillard and Leonard.

-- trk linked us to DraftExpress, where they revisited our draft picks' situational statistics.

-- Section323 showed us how Brian Wheeler is doing, and the answer is "thinner"!

-- For the three people who missed it, last week Devyn linked us to Mark Cuban reminding Skip Bayless what sports reporting is.

Thanks for the submissions everyone! -- Tim