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Blazers Enter 2012 NBA Free Agency Discussion Thread

At 9 p.m. on June 30th, the NBA's free agency moratorium period officially began! During the next 10 days, teams can talk to the players and/or their agents, and start negotiating deals. Trade discussions are an inevitable side effect. Teams cannot actually sign players until July 11th.

Even though official signings cannot begin, news will quickly leak about agreed contracts and trades. In fact, some news has already broken. Feel free to link up all rumors and news right here in this thread. If news is Portland Trail Blazers-related, it will be on the front page shortly. Otherwise, submit a fanshot.






This post will regularly update with the latest NBA news and free agency rumors.

Click through to read the latest updates (Joe Johnson trade rumors??) and join in the discussion! -- Tim

PS We're aware of a couple site issues tonight, the admins are working on them.


-- RUMOR: Blake Griffin agrees to 5-year extension with the Clippers, Chris Paul postpones negotiations to next Summer.
-- RUMOR: Dwight Howard requests trade to the Nets
-- NEWS: OKC and Scott Brooks reach basic agreement on a deal
-- RUMOR: Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks are discussing Joe Johnson trade
-- NEWS: Michael Beasley and Anthony Randolph don't receive QO, are unrestricted free agents
-- NEWS: New Orleans buys out Rashard Lewis, who is an unrestricted free agent
-- RUMOR: Ray Allen is in demand, Memphis and Miami are pursuing
-- RUMOR: Deron Williams will meet with Nets and Mavs next week; is packaged with Jason Kidd
-- NEWS: Kevin Garnett re-signs with Celtics, is now the highest paid player (over career) in NBA history
-- NEWS: Jameer Nelson opts out in Orlando, is an unrestricted free agent.
-- RUMOR: Brandon Roy is being pursued by five teams.

More to come.