Draft Express Situational Statistics


-Damian Lillard, on the other hand, looks extremely good in this analysis and ranks exceptionally across the board, finishing second in overall efficiency (1.142 PPP) despite using 21.1 possessions per-game (1st). Getting to the line on 18.7% of his possessions (4th) and scoring 1.176 point per-jump shot (1.176), it makes sense that Big Sky product is given the benefit of the doubt as he looks to make the giant leap in competition to the NBA level. The most efficient guard in pick and roll (1.039 PP), spot-up (1.388), and isolation off screen situations (1.324), Lillard dominates most categories in this study. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Lillard's showing on paper is the paltry 9.8% turnover rate he posted despite teams game planning to stop him on a nightly basis. Just an average finisher (1.127 PPP), making plays at the rim in traffic may be Lillard's biggest challenge at the next level, but his ability to score in a variety of ways from the perimeter should be him a valuable asset to whichever team drafts him. From -Meyers Leonard ranked as the best post-scorer in this group, at an excellent 1.048 PPP on more than five possessions per game. Leonard crashes the offensive glass least frequently of any player in this group, and doesn't stand out in any other area besides his strong finishing ability (1.417 PPP, 7th best) From -Will Barton's 1.049 overall PPP ranked fifth overall, also doing so on the fifth highest number of possessions per game at 16.9. Barton's 1.328 PPS finishing around the basket in the half court was sixth highest among all wings, but that's somewhat misleading as it was barely behind the second-ranked Terrence Ross' 1.389 PPS. Barton's overall free-throw rate of 14.3% also ranked fourth best among wings, speaking to his adjustment into a more attack-oriented player this season. From