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2012 NBA Draft: Blazers pick Lillard, Leonard, Barton

Welcome to Portland, Damian! You pick your color coordination well.
Welcome to Portland, Damian! You pick your color coordination well.

UPDATE: Transcripts of the post-selection Draft night interviews from Prudential Center in Newark are live, check out the comments from new Portland Trail Blazers PG Damian Lillard (6th pick) and C Meyers Leonard (11th pick)! After checking out the interviews, join the discussion below!

UPDATE 2: In the second round, the Blazers took Will Barton (SG/SF) with the 40th pick. They traded the 41st pick (Tyshawn Taylor) to the Brooklyn Nets for cash.

[Make sure to also follow the Blazersedge Twitter feed as Ben reports live from New Jersey.]

Grade tonight's Blazers draft performance here!

Today's stories: Blazers still eying Scott Brooks || Crawford opts out

First Round Draft Results (We'll update the Blazer second round picks live!)

1. New Orleans Hornets: Anthony Davis, PF/C
2. Charlotte Bobcats: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF
3. Washington Wizards: Bradley Beal, SG
4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Dion Waiters, SG
5. Sacramento Kings: Thomas Robinson, PF
6. Portland Trail Blazers (from Nets): Damian Lillard, PG
7. Golden State Warriors: Harrison Barnes, SF
8. Toronto Raptors: Terrence Ross, SG
9. Detroit Pistons: Andre Drummond, C
10. New Orleans Hornets (from Timberwolves): Austin Rivers, SG
11. Portland Trail Blazers: Meyers Leonard, C
12. Houston Rockets: Jeremy Lamb, SG
13. Phoenix Suns: Kendall Marshall, PG
14. Milwaukee Bucks: John Henson, PF
15. Philadelphia 76ers: Maurice Harkless, SF
16. Houston Rockets (from Knicks): Royce White, PF
17. Dallas Mavericks: Tyler Zeller, C
18. Houston Rockets (from Jazz via Timberwolves): Terrence Jones, F
19. Orlando Magic: Andrew Nicholson, PF
20. Denver Nuggets: Evan Fournier, SG
21. Boston Celtics: Jared Sullinger, PF
22. Boston Celtics (from Clippers): Fab Melo, C
23. Atlanta Hawks: John Jenkins, SG
24. Dallas Mavericks (from Lakers via Cavaliers ): Jared Cunningham, SG
25. Memphis Grizzlies: Tony Wroten, PG
26. Indiana Pacers: Miles Plumlee, C
27. Miami Heat: Arnett Moultrie, PF (may go to Philly)
28. Oklahoma City: Perry Jones III, F
29. Chicago Bulls: Marquis Teague, PG
30. Golden State Warriors (from Spurs): Festus Ezeli, C

40. Portland Trail Blazers: Will Barton (SG/SF)
41. Portland Trail Blazers: Tyshawn Taylor (G) -- Traded to the Brooklyn Nets

Welcome to the 2012 NBA Draft! Finally, we'll see a glimpse of the Blazers' future. Tonight, at 4:30pm on ESPN, they have the 6th, 11th, 40th, and 41st picks. Hang out here and follow the picks live with your fellow fans! Here's what we have planned this evening:

- Dave is standing by, with analysis of today's events and transactions.

- As noted at the top, Ben is in New Jersey, providing updates and rumors live from the draft.

- I'm playing host tonight, and keeping the conversation moving. After the draft, we'll make sure you have places to discuss the aftermath, your opinions, grades, their next moves, etc.

Below the break is a reminder of the site rules, and how to best use the fanposts and fanshots. They're especially useful on draft night. Please take a minute to read them!

Now, please bear with me a quick moment as I play The Heavy. [Moderator-mode: On]

Everyone has been so excited about the draft that we've relaxed the rules about fanposts and commenting a little bit, when has led to some interesting insanity. As of the draft, we're going to get back into our normal rhythm. So a few reminders...

- Don't be "that guy" in comments. We're all here to either laugh and enjoy how well the day went, or laugh and commiserate about how badly it went. Someone will always be unhappy, because everybody likes different players. But we're all in this together. Please don't be rude or aggressive in your opinions, or focus on the person instead of the topic, or make snide responses when you disagree.

- If you have a link to a news story, or a generally interesting link (like a video that's useful), please use Fanshots for that. Please make sure nobody has posted it before you. For example, we've deleted 5 duplicates of the Clyde/Magic "Dream Team" story in the last two days. (Thanks to those who already always check first!)

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