The Official "Grade the Blazers' Draft" Thread

I know, the draft is still going on as I post this. However, we may as well have this posted early. After things unfold, you know you want to give the Blazers a grade for their drafting work tonight.

So what's your verdict? Your choice, either use the 1-100 scale, or the US grading system (A, B, C, D, F). Then explain why you think that grade is deserved.

I'm worried my grade will be "Incomplete", but this is just a placeholder until the night is over. You can grade whenever you want, but you may want to wait until they finish their second round picks in case a trade is announced.

EDIT: Right now I'm going with a B- (Lowered from an original 'B'). An 'A' would have been a miraculous trade to steal Robinson, but they didn't do terribly. Grabbing Drummond could have been a 'C' tonight but an 'A' later, or vice versa! So considering the circumstances, they did ok. I'm just not convinced on the ceiling of either guy (especially Leonard), but considering the options, they didn't do terrible. Convince me I'm wrong!

I know, we're judging the guys before they play a pro game. But that's pretty much what all fans do. Toss out your thoughts. And have fun! -- Tim