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Transcript: UConn G Jeremy Lamb Talks Ankle, Draft Night, Drummond

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The Portland Trail Blazers continued their pre-Draft workouts on Monday in advance of Thursday's 2012 NBA Draft. Here's the list of participants.

  • Eastern Washington guard Cliff Colimon | No DraftExpress profile | n/a in DX Top 100
  • Oregon guard Devoe Joseph | DraftExpress profile | No. 87 in DX Top 100
  • UConn guard Jeremy Lamb | DraftExpress profile | No. 22 in DX Top 100
  • Missouri State forward Kyle Weems | DraftExpress profile | n/a in DX Top 100

Here's a quick transcript of Lamb's media session after his workout. Note that Blazers owner Paul Allen, GM Neil Olshey and all the key executives were on hand for the workout. This was essentially a make-up workout for one that had to be cancelled earlier in June after Lamb rolled his ankle while working out for the Raptors in Toronto. Olshey's brief thoughts on Lamb are here.

How was Monday's workout?

It was an intense workout and I think it went pretty good. [My ankle] held up pretty good. Got some great people working on it. Getting a lot of treatment for it. It's getting a lot better, day by day, it's getting better. It was OK.

What happened? Just a sprain?

I just sprained it. It's recovering well. Just playing through it.

Was this a tough time to suffer an ankle injury?

It was real frustrating. I was working, months and months and then to get a sprained ankle at this time, it was frustrating but I have great people working on it and God blessed me to be able to come back strong and be able to play through it.

Can you see yourself in Portland and what do you know about the Blazers?

I like Jamal Crawford. I like his game. I like the whole organization, it seems like they play together, they play good, it's an exciting arena so I could see myself here. It's a good situation.

What do you bring to a team?

Being able to score. Being able to grab rebounds. Being able to make plays. Also on the defensive end, deflections, different things like that. I think I can stretch the floor, bring different things to the team.

2012 NBA Draft night

I think it's going to be exciting. My family is going to be there. It's going to be nerves, I'm going to be anxious, I'm going to be excited, a lot of things mixed in one. I expect it to be exciting and I can't wait.

On UConn center Andre Drummond

It depends on if he wants to work. He's a great athlete. He can jump. He can block shots. He can rebound. I always say, it's funny, we will have an early practice at like 8 AM, and everyone is trying to get warmed up and stuff. He'll just come out and do a windmill to warm up. His bounce is amazing. I believe he's going to work hard, develop post moves, I think he can be a great pro.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter