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Transcript:'s Jeff Goodman Talks Drummond, Lillard On 750 The Game

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Jeff Goodman of joined John Canzano on 750 The Game on Friday to talk about the 2012 NBA Draft.

Here's a partial transcript. I chopped it up and re-organized it a bit. Download or stream the audio here.

UConn center Andre Drummond

Drummond is the one that, honestly, anybody who says they know is lying. Nobody has any idea. I ran a top-75 high school players deal in New England to promote New England players. Drummond was at the camp that I ran as a sophomore in high school. To be honest, he's gotten no better since then. He's the same player he was then. I remember raving about him but does he love it? How tough is he? Physically, you look at him, he's Dwight Howard. He can pass the heck out of the ball. He's got a pretty good IQ. Too nice of a kid. not a motor. Which is the opposite of Thomas Robinson and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Those two guys bring it every single play.

Andre Drummond vs. Weber State guard Damian Lillard at 6

That's a really tough decision and I've seen Drummond play 50 times in person. I don't know what I would do to be honest. Drummond is a guy who needs the right coach, the right players around him. I thought he would fit in great with Boston and [Kevin Garnett]. Motivate him and teach him to be tough. He's never going to be K.G. I'm not sure [LaMarcus] Aldridge is the right guy for him. LaMarcus is such a good kid, pretty mellow, not the toughest kid himself although he's gotten tougher. He'd be good for Andre in terms of keeping him grounded and keeping him out of trouble, but I think Andre Drummond needs someone to push him, motivate him and get him tough.

Take Damian Lillard at No. 6?

If you don't take him there, he won't be there at 11. If you get Lillard at 6 they're going to have a pretty good big at 11. Tyler Zeller, to give you some length alongside LaMarcus Aldridge. He's more talented than people realize, he can step out and shoot it a little bit. You might be able to get Sullinger now with that back injury at 11, where i thought he would be gone at 7 or 8. I might roll the dice and take Lillard and say, 'We're still going to get a good big, someone who can help Aldridge' [at 11]. You can get Arnett Moultrie for sure at 11. He's one of the top three rebounders in this Draft. I don't know what else he can do, but he's a man who can come in right now and rebound at a high level.

UNC forward Harrison Barnes vs. Andre Drummond

I'm going to take Barnes because I know he's going to come to play every night. I still think he has a really high upside. If you hit it with Drummond you have an elite center in the league. Harrison Barnes is the safer pick.

Damian Lillard vs. Syracuse guard Dion Waiters

Lillard is hard right now. I know Portland is really looking hard at him. He's a guy who blew it out of the water at the combine in Chicago. He can shoot the ball and that whole combine was geared towards shooting. He's going to look great in a combine setting, in a 2-on-2 setting, in all these workouts Lillard is going to shine. I like him. He can shoot it, he really shoots the ball. He's got a good body, I love his court demeanor, his off-court demeanor as well.

I love Waiters. He's as tough a kid as it gets. They're just two different players. Waiters is a true combo guard, Lillard will play the point. Waiters everyone equates to a smaller version of Dwyane Wade.

I'll go Waiters. I've seen him in game action. I've never seen Lillard in live game action. Off tape, he's very good.

Damian Lillard should have participated in group workouts rather than just individual workouts?

I think it was a mistake because to be honest I think he would do really well in a 2-on-2 setting against Kendall Marshall. It's not like he's going to play 5-on-5 against Kendall Marshall. I think in that setting he might look bad becaues Kendall Marshall's biggest flaw is defensively and he would have help. In a 2-on-2 I think Lillard gets by Marshall consistently, I think he looks better. I do see why his agent won't let him do it, because Lillard is higher on every Draft board.


We know the top five [after Anthony Davis]: [Bradley] Beal, [Thomas] Robinson, [Michael Kidd-Glichrist], Barnes and Drummond. Those are the next five that are going to go in some order from 2-6 and there's a little drop at 7.

(In case you missed it on Friday, here's a link to a transcript of Chad Ford of on 1080 The Fan.)

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