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Transcript: UNC PG Kendall Marshall Works Out For Blazers On Wednesday

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UNC point guard Kendall Marshall was one of six prospects that worked out for the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday. Here's a transcript of my quick question and answer with him.

You tweeted "Portland got the bait." I'm not from the DMV. Translate that for me

Portland got the bait. It's an inside joke between me and my friends. It has nothing to do with basketball. It's nothing basketball-related.

Are you ready to start Day One?

I'm ready to do whatever the team asks me to do. If it's a situation where I'm in here with a veteran and they want me to learn from him, I'm perfectly fine with that. There's going to be a learning curve but if they just want me to learn from experiences and throw me out there, I'm willing to do that as well. I feel like I've done both throughout my college career. I can do that as well on this level.

Will you be healthy for Summer League?

Without a doubt.

Where are you at health-wise?

The wrist is great. That's pretty much 90 to 100 [percent]. The only things I can't do or stay away from are push-ups. The elbow is the thing I'm struggling with right now. It hurts. I can still go out there and manage it. I can compete. Those are the things I want to do.

What treatment do you get on your elbow?

Before I was doing a lot of massage therapy, icing, things like that. It's been tough being on the road. Hopefully once it's over I can get back to that stuff.

No timeline though?

It's hard to say.

It could be months?

I doubt that. I truly doubt it would be months.

Does this feel like a fit because it looks like one on paper?

I'd love to be here. They've talked to me -- I feel like if I'm here, that they do have some sort of interest in me. It could be a great fit but ultimately they're going to do what's best for their team.

What do you want to add to your game during your rookie season?

The first thing is being able to get through 82 games. That's tough. That's something people take for granted. Just making sure my body can get through that so I can play at my highest level possible.

Point guards who have worked with you?

Over last summer, I pretty much got my tail whipped every day by Raymond Felton. He really kept me grounded. You learn little tricks from him as he plays. He's a special talent. That's somebody that I'm going to learn from the experience of playing against him day in and day out for three months straight.

Who do you model your game after?

It's hard to say I model my game after anyone. I feel like I have a very unique game. I do try to steal certain skills from other people's games. Steve Nash, with the bounce pass. The way [Rajon] Rondo uses ball fakes, I feel I can incorporate that into my game.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter