Eggers: Nate McMillan Says Don't Blame Trainers For Greg Oden's Failures

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune has an extended piece with a bunch of insight from former Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan, who says that the team's training staff shouldn't be blamed for the series of injuries suffered by former Blazers center Greg Oden. --------------------------- "I don't blame any of it on the medical staff," he says. "They had absolutely nothing to do with it. Neither did my coaching or how we were training (the players). "It was just a series of unfortunate situations. Like with Greg, where we didn't have an opportunity to oversee this last year because of the lockout. He had a setback, but that wasn't on our medical staff. It wasn't Jay (Jensen, the trainer) or our strength and conditioning guys." --------------------------- -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter