Freeman: Blazers GM Neil Olshey Talks Victor Claver, Joel Freeland

Joe Freeman of The Oregonian reports that Portland Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey sounds like he is higher on Spanish forward Victor Claver than British big man Joel Freeland when it comes to bringing over the team's international Draft picks. ------------------------------- "Lot of interest in Victor," Olshey said. "I think he’s a good fit. I think the roster is in position now where he would be a good addition. We can’t start negotiating with his agent until after July 1st. Clearly if there was a ever a time when there was enough opening for him to come in an make the team, with a lot of other young players he can grow with, this is probably the time." ... "I’ll know more after I meet with Joel," Olshey said. "I want to explain our situation, where our roster composition is heading, what his role on the team would be. What you don’t want to do is bring someone in under false pretenses just because it’s a talent grab." ------------------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page