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Sick as a Dog...Worst Blazers Injury Ever?

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I'm quite far under the weather today, naturally during the busiest week of my summer off-site. I never get sick, but the last year has just been brutal for bugs and ickies going around. Local schools have shut down from time to time for lack of students and to keep the non-infected kids healthy. Brutal. Anyway, apparently I am not immune. My head is pounding like a Rose Garden bass track and my sinuses are stuffed like a net after a Drexler drive. I'm cold too, like Raymond Felton's shooting. Needless to say my brain is not in the best working order.

That's why I'm going to post a question today apropos to the situation: What is the single worst Trail Blazers injury ever?

You may define "worst" as you wish. It can be in terms of severity or impact. It could be a relatively minor injury with horribly bad timing. You can even talk about injuries that happened before players became Trail Blazers that influenced their Portland career. Any way you go the idea is, "If this injury hadn't happened, things would have been way different."

Interestingly--perhaps sadly--enough I think there are many ways you could go with this. Historians and Blazer experts, have at it.

--Dave (