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Transcript: Bill Simmons, Chad Ford Discuss 2012 NBA Draft Lottery

Bill Simmons of pop culture and sports website -- also known as "The Sports Guy" -- discussed Wednesday night's 2012 NBA Draft Lottery with Chad Ford of on a recent B.S. Report podcast. They ran down the storylines for various teams winning the Lottery and the right to select Kentucky big man Anthony Davis. The discussion turned to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Here's a transcript of a quick exchange. Audio can be found here.


Chad Ford: "Portland -- payback for sending Greg Oden, the broken big man, now we're going to send you a real one."

Bill Simmons: "Listen, I hesitate to say this and I really like the fans in Portland and this will probably be put in a transcript on Blazersedge and then all these people write mean comments about me underneath it. But I'm just going to say it. Portland has had such bad history with the No. 1 overall pick and centers. That would worry me if Anthony Davis went there. Right? If you're Anthony Davis, you're scared. It's almost like you're buying the Amityville horror house. You're concerned. It's like, Portland? You guys aren't trading the pick are you? That would make me nervous. I'd like to see Portland get the No. 1 overall pick when it's not a consensus shot-blocking big man."


Earlier in the show, Ford reports that the Blazers were shopping forward Gerald Wallace for a "mid-to-late" first round pick before they wound up striking a deal with the New Jersey Nets for their pick, which was only top-3 protected and wound up No. 6 in the NBA Draft Lottery order.

Hat tip to super tipster @LukeFritz64

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter