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Blazersedge VideoCast #9

The new and somewhat-improved Blazersedge VideoCast is ready for your perusal. In this edition we sweep through a bevy of point-guard related inquiries, answer a critical question about the upcoming lottery, and in violation of almost every media code of ethics Dave ends up revealing one of his key sources. Oops.

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P.S. Some folks have commented that they couldn't get a clear read on the comments of our source. For those, a transcript of the discussion follows after the jump. If you get stuck in that section, read along. I recommend only using it if you need it though. It's probably better watched than read.

Transcript of Source Material

Dave: Are you there, God? It's me, Dave.

The Big Guy: OMM! When will you sports bloggers quit? What do you want to know about Tebow this time?

D: No, no, no. It's nothing like that. I just wanted to know if the Blazers really could rebuild in just one summer.

TBG: Ha! No! Do you watch the league at all? I've seen miracles, but sheesh!

D: You sure? Because it really seems like they're intent on trying...

TBG: Dude, who told you Raymond Felton was a bad idea?

D: Well, you did.

TBG: And who told you to stay away from Jamal Crawford?

D: You did.

TBG: And who told you to take Greg Oden over Kevin Durant?

D: You did! And hey, about that...

TBG: Hey! Hey! Hey! Nobody could have predicted how things would turn out! It was the right move! Besides, suffering is good for the soul.

D: Well, hey...couldn't Thunder fans suffer for a while then?

TBG: Dude, they already live in Oklahoma City...

D: Touché. Well I guess that's all I had for you then, God. Let me know if there's anything else I need to know, huh?

TBG: I'm still deciding whether to tamper with the draft again. I always try and set you up but David Stern keeps switching the envelopes.

D: That guy has so much power...

TBG: Yeah, tell me about it. Oh. Tell Luke Babbitt I'm sorry in advance as well.

D: Whoa! For what? Big trade coming?

TBG: You got it.

D: Charlotte?

TBG: Thus the apology...

D: Let me guess. Michael Jordan thinks that Babbitt is the next Larry Bird.

TBG: No, Michael Jordan thinks that Babbitt is the next Adam Morrison. He's still trying to make that work.

D: No kidding. Draft the 'Stache again, huh?

TBG: Yup. That was the worst idea since gnosticism and Jimmy Swaggart.

D: Tell me about it. Say, speaking of good ideas...why don't the Blazers just hire you as GM? I mean, you've got all that knowledge and stuff...

TBG: Naw, they wouldn't want me. Every time I have a basketball decision I just ask myself, "What would Pritchard do?"

D: Yeah, they've been there, done that I guess.

TBG: Oops! Gotta go! Amare Stoudemire just got mad and stuck his hand in a Cuisinart.

D: Oooh! Gonna heal him?

TBG: Nawww. I'm tweeting the pics out to all my followers!

D: Oh. OK! Later!

TBG: Keep your chin up, Sparky! And Go Blazers!