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Weekend Question: ETA to Relevance?

Here's a question to ponder as you cruise through the weekend. (Remember Mother's Day if it applies, by the way!)

How long do you think it'll take the Blazers to return to some semblance of NBA relevance? For these purposes let's define "relevance" as a near-lock playoff team with some kind of chance to make it out of the first round and into the second. This year's relevance line in the West landed between Dallas at the 7-spot and Utah at the 8, though the Mavs were ushered into the relevant group largely because of last year's title. But you get the idea...a team you figure could win a playoff series without having to get too lucky.

Give us a specific year, e.g. "The Blazers will return to relevance in the fall of [insert year here]." Let us know why you picked that year and what things you anticipate will change to make it happen.

--Dave (