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The Official "Keep Nicolas Batum or Let Him Go" Debate Thread


I know you've discussed this in a couple of video podcasts but I still want to know whether you think Nicolas Batum is key to the Blazers future. Would you ever consider dumping him to save cap room?

I don't know. I go both ways depending on the scenario. So let's throw this to the masses today.

To avoid confusion, here are the parameters of the scenario:

  1. Batum is a restricted free agent. The Blazers have the right to match any offer he gets from an opposing team and retain him if they wish.
  2. Batum counts as $5.4 million against Portland's cap until his next contract is signed.
  3. Once an offer is received the Blazers have 72 hours to match or decline.
  4. If the Blazers decline the offer, his $5.4 million hold will disappear, leaving Portland more room to sign other free agents now or in the future.
  5. For purposes of this argument, let's assume that Batum's offer is $9.4 million per year for the next four years. That $9.4 million will count against Portland's cap immediately upon the contract signing.

Under those conditions, would you advocate matching the offer and keeping Batum? Why or why not? Also, what changes in parameters, if any, would make you change your mind?

--Dave (