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Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. Jazz

Good day, and welcome to Game 66.

Let's get the basics out of the way: Blazers vs. Jazz | 5:10pm tip-off | CSN and League Pass | The usual rules apply

There's no point in writing much about this game, since it's meaningless for both teams. Instead, I just wanted to say thanks to you, the gameday thread regulars, who have kept threads entertaining throughout a very tiring season. Years ago, we were writing multiple warnings per night during games, even on good nights. This season, the GDT crew arguably handled adversity better than the team, as we usually found ways to enjoy even the bad games. So thanks for hanging out and making a long season a little more bearable.

Tonight should be a quiet game, so I'll see what if I can add a little fun to tonight's thread. You know what would be fun? A Blazer win, even in a throwaway game.

-- Tim

PS - The Toronto/Cleveland (tankathon?) game is fair to discuss tonight too, since it affects our possible lottery position.