Calkins: Raymond Felton Says Criticism Has Been "Spit In My Face"

Matt Calkins of The Columbian probed the mind of Portland Trail Blazers guard Raymond Felton for his thoughts on the criticism he's taken this season and whether he regrets making his famous "I stay right off Pearl District, in the Indigo" comments. -------------------------------------- Criticizing your basketball is one thing, but what about when your character is called into question? "It’s a spit in my face, I think. The biggest thing with me is that no matter what, I’m professional. I never bad-mouth a teammate. Never bad-mouth a coach. I’ve never done that in my entire career. So for someone to write that, say that I’ve done that or anything in that sense, anything negative. Anyone in this locker room and anyone in this organization will tell you that I never did that, never said that. It’s one of those things that makes you mad for someone to say that about you. But at the same time, people can write, it’s sad, because if I do retaliate and do something, I look like the bad guy. It’s not fair, but it comes with the territory." So how do you respond when people say that you’re a locker-room cancer? "(Laughs). Yeah, right. I’ve never heard that ever in my career or my whole life. Nobody will ever say that about me. Cancer in the locker-room? Come on, man. That’s just somebody looking for something to say, looking for something bad to write about." And that you got Nate McMillan run out of here? "Is my name Paul Allen? Then I didn’t get Nate run out of here. I’m not Paul Allen. I don’t make those decisions. I’ve never bad-mouthed Coach McMillan at anytime to Mr. Allen, to (Blazers president) Larry Miller. I’ve never bad-mouthed him to the media. I’ve never said anything bad about him." -------------------------------------- -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter