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Top Grooming Moments in Portland Trail Blazers History: Adidas Wants to Know

The NBA portion of SBN has teamed up with Adidas to survey the top grooming moments in the history of each NBA franchise. They're asking SBN writers to come up with any player from team history who had unforgettable facial or hair styles. "Unforgettable" could be good or bad, I suppose. I had a few initial thoughts: Rasheed's hair spot, the early 90's fade crew, Porter going all the way bald, Sergio's Fauxhawk, and I'm sure we could dig up plenty of obnoxious looks from the 70's. (They did call Walton the Big Redhead, after all.) But I am loathe to make that call without input. So as a fun little aside whilst awaiting tonight's game and more rumors about Portland's GM search, I thought I'd throw it to you. Who are some great candidates for Portland's most memorable facial and hair styles?

Nominate and vote in the comment section below.

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