Freeman: Blazers Cap Guy Joe Cronin Is CBA Know-It-All

Joe Freeman of The Oregonian has a look at Joe Cronin, assistant director of scouting/salary cap expert for the Portland Trail Blazers. ------------------------------- And the architect behind it all is Cronin, a 6-foot-6, former college role player and self-made NBA "capologist" who has guided the inexperienced Blazers front office through the financial details of the revamped CBA. "There have been many times where I have thought, "Where would we be without him,'" Buchanan said of Cronin. "Because he just has such a strong grasp of the salary cap and the rules involving payroll. Any question involving the CBA, a trade or roster move or a particular salary, he knows it off the top of his head. He understands, basically, every single contract in the league, from the value of it to how it's structured." ... "In my 11 years in the league, he had the most eagerness, the most willingness and desire to learn and grow in that area," said [Tom] Penn, who now works for ESPN. ------------------------------- Cronin provided a nice prospect breakdown back in 2010 and checked in with Luke Babbitt in the D-League during his rookie year. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter