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Gameday Open Thread: Warriors vs. Blazers

Well, this should be entertaining in a weird way. Tonight, the Golden State Warriors arrive to play a nationally-televised game against the Portland Trail Blazers (late 7:45 tipoff). Neither team is playoff-bound. The Blazers are likely to be short handed. Fans may stay away in droves, but we can always find entertainment in the gameday thread. What will keep you entertained tonight?

Injury Report: LaMarcus Aldridge is out tonight due to a detected "hip abnormality" (details here) and JJ Hickson will start in his place. Nicolas Batum will play.

Read: Dave's Preview | Blazers Media Notes | Facebook | Ben's onsite updates on Twitter
KGW (Portland) | Streaming | ESPN (No League Pass!) | See viewing guide
Listen: 750 AM The Game (Portland) | NBA Audio League Pass (Free)

The usual rules apply:

1. No swearing | 2. No pictures | 3. Be Nice!
4. Don't discuss unofficial game streaming.

And, of course, have fun. Go Blazers! -- Tim