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Portland Trail Blazers At Boston Celtics: Blooper Reel

The Boston Celtics defeated the Portland Trail Blazers, 104-86, at TD Garden in Boston, dropping Portland's record to 19-21.

Dave's recap here. Timmay's post here.

Chris Haynes of reports the following line from Blazers coach Nate McMillan.

"That's an unprofessional approach," McMillan said. "There was no basketball being played out there tonight."

Joe Freeman of The Oregonian provides quote and context...

Nicolas Batum: "What we showed today, we disrespected ourselves, disrespected everybody around this team who likes and works for this team. That's unacceptable."


After the game, you half expected McMillan to go postal in his postgame interview session. Instead, he was tight-lipped, calling his team's effort "unprofessional." McMillan answered just five or six questions over one minute, 49 seconds before ending what was perhaps the shortest postgame interview session of his seven seasons with the team.

Blazers guard Jamal Crawford wrote on Twitter: "This is embarrassing."

Let's take a look at some of the highlights.

Blazers center Marcus Camby throws an alley-oop pass off the backboard with no one within 8 feet of the hoop, yells a profanity, forgets to get back on defense, and watches as Celtics guard Sasha Pavlovic gets an and-one lay-up out of it.

Blazers guard Raymond Felton shoots the ball backwards for no apparent reason.

Felton throws a pass into the fifth row and then clarifies that it was, "My bad."

Blazers forward Luke Babbitt waves his arms like an air traffic controller requesting a pass, finally gets the ball, and bricks the jumper.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter