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Blazers Slump In NBA Power Rankings

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Despite the fact that Elliot Williams can levitate indefinitely, Portland has dropped to below-average in most NBA power rankings.
Despite the fact that Elliot Williams can levitate indefinitely, Portland has dropped to below-average in most NBA power rankings.

it's been awhile since we did an NBA Power Rankings round-up because of the All-Star break. So let's get to it.

The 19-18 Portland Trail Blazers have gone 1-3 since the break, sitting in the No. 4 spot in the Northwest Division while dropping to No. 10 in the Western Conference. It's been so long since we wrapped these up I'm not including last week's ratings.

Marc Stein, Blazers are No. 20

Don't see the Blazers firing Nate McMillan without a full-time GM in place because then Paul Allen has to take all the heat for what would likely go down as an unpopular decision. It's more likely that Portland focuses on trades to shake things up, shopping Ray Felton, Jamal Crawford and ... stay tuned.

John Hollinger, Blazers are No. 12

John Schuhmann, Blazers are No. 18

As the trade deadline approaches, you have to include the Blazers in the group of teams that need a shake-up. They've won just four of their last 13 overall and two of their last eight at home. Raymond Felton played well in his first game after being benched, but has been awful (5-for-21) since.

David Aldridge, Blazers not in top-15

Chris Sheridan, Blazers are No. 18

Allowed 104, 107 and 122 coming out of the break. Nate McMillan, you didn't think being in Paul Allen's employment would last forever, did you? Such stability is illogical to Vulcans. Wes Mathews and Ray Felton have been devalued and could be cherry-picked by bargain hunters. Been a long time since that 40-point win over Spurs, eh?

Kurt Helin, Blazers are No. 16

Jamal Crawford trade rumors are going to engulf this team for the next two weeks, we'll see how they deal with it. Right now they are not dealing well with much of anything well.

Tom Ziller, Blazers are No. 19

Portland's fall from grace has flipped to soap opera mode, with players calling out other unnamed players and Nate McMillan cleaning up his resumé. This is all Rasheed's fault, somehow.

Matt Moore, Blazers are No. 18

The Modest Mouse album "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank" seems appropriate.

Jeff Sagarin, USA Today: Blazers are No. 13

John Hollinger's Playoff Odds...

  • Portland has a 43.5 percent chance to make the playoffs
  • Portland has a 0 percent chance to win the Northwest Division

John Hollinger of's advanced stat team rankings...

  • No. 8 in Offensive Efficiency
  • No. 11 in Defensive Efficiency
  • No. 12 in Pace
  • No. 18 in Rebound Rate
John Hollinger of's PER positional rankings...
  • Raymond Felton -- No. 50 among point guards
  • Wesley Matthews -- No. 31 among shooting guards
  • Jamal Crawford -- No. 8 among shooting guards
  • Gerald Wallace -- No. 12 among small forwards
  • Nicolas Batum -- No. 3 among small forwards
  • LaMarcus Aldridge -- No. 4 among power forwards
  • Marcus Camby -- No. 27 among centers
  • Kurt Thomas -- No. 49 among centers

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