What do we call this era? the next?

Before degenerated knees, Nate McMillan, and the first round frustration we were the Jail Blazers, a despicable pack of media-and-fan loathing jerks. After Bonzi, Rasheed, Darius Miles, Sebastian Telfair, and Zach Randolph were shipped away, we had some promise. Then disaster struck. Knees of Greg Oden and Brandon Roy disintegrated and we were aptly dubbed the Frail Blazers.

With the most talented lottery-bound team in the history of this beautiful game, this year's team must be the Fail Blazers.

Where do we go from here? What will the next era be called?

The Derail Blazers? Things gonna keep getting worse?

The Inhale Blazers? More stoners a la the early 2000's?

the Whale Blazers? (We keep Felton)

The Prevail Blazers? Finally a winner?